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10 Signs You Learned To Drink In Britain:

So you have grown up in Britain, you have had the honour of growing up in this cold, wet, grey country! It’s good here I promise, now with growing up here, you would have come across all kinds of alcoholic drinks, but if you have drank these drinks you are definitely British.

So lets begin, now starting off of course none of you would have ever drank alcohol under the age of 18… BULLSHIT. Anyone that says they didn’t drink alcohol until they were 18 is a bit fat liar!


Oh the sweet nectar of strongbow, this was usually the drink you came across at a younger age, in the can! In addition it was usually warm, or room temperate because you had hidden it in your cupboard for weeks until the perfect opportunity.

Bush or Park:

When growing up, the accessibility of alcohol became easier, but you couldn’t exactly drink it anywhere, so where to go that was clever, smart and you weren’t going to get caught? The local park! Oh yeah I remember those days!

Two Litre Strongbow:

If you had the gracious honour of having a night on the two litre strongbow, you probably just got sick in your mouth, no one has a good memory of the two litre strongbow!

Frosty Jacks:

If you couldn’t get your paws on the strongbow, you went to the next best thing, frosty jacks, of this stuff was vile! I actually refuse to drink it, bad bad memories on this stuff.

The Lucky Friend:

You always had that one lucky friend who would get served everyone, they had that small amount of facial hair and the person serving him definitely needed to go to SpecSavers, but you weren’t complaining, you were getting served!

The classy ones:

Now for the ones that didn’t drink Strongbow or Frosty Jacks, there were the classy ones, the ones that drank Lambrini or Caribbean Twist, which are still disgusting drinks, but you had to make do!

VK or WKD:

Then there was a break through, you finally discovered VK or WKD, this was ground breaking stuff, because you didn’t really like the taste of alcohol but you wanted to get drunk. So you finally found a drink which tasted like pop and got you drunk WIN WIN.

Who wants shots? 

There was always that one kid who was like, yeah lets do shots! He somehow got hold of his mums vodka and thought this is so bloody cool. So while you’re all sipping on your VK, this kid is passed out in the corner because he had 2 shots and he’s done.

The hard kids:

You got to that point in your drinking life where Sourz usually apple sourz came on the scene, there was always this kid that just bought a bottle of that. I do not have any good memories of that! Got to love the kids that grew up in Britain!

Hiding the hangover:

Now you were still young, that means you have to now hide that awful hangover you had received for then next few days until you look sane! Oh the joys!

Anytime and Place:

At the end of the day though, you are always up for a ‘piss up’ Good old Britain!

If you have any other signs, then comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent, 

Have a great day,