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Perfect Date Ideas:

Okay, as you guys have been loving this ‘love related’ posts I thought I would also do a post talking about the perfect date. Now this post was a recommendation, if you have any recommendations into what you want to read. All you have to do is tweet me @mrjamesvincent. 

Now dates can sometimes be pretty, you don’t want to seem predictable. But you don’t want to seem over the top that you scare here away, there is this fine balance you need to make sure you follow. Girls love spontaneous acts. Something they can go back to their gal pals and say ‘You won’t believe where James took me for our date’ You need to keep her on her toes. To do this you need to keep the ideas fresh, that’s where I come in.

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Below are date ideas that will definitely land you in her good books;


So if you have started dating try something totally different that will definitely break the awkward barriers, and go dancing! Now it doesn’t matter if neither of you can dance, it would be such a great story to tell.

2.Ice Skating: 

Something very romantic, getting wrapped up warm and skating on the ice. It’s such a cute story to tell as well.

3.Ghost Tour:

These are great fun, especially early on in the dating because it brings people closer, and its that macho sense of security you can show protecting her from the ghosts!

4.Wine Crawl:

If you’re early on in the dating and you still feel it to be a little awkward or tense, then how about a wine crawl, get the alcohol in you that should help your nerves.


Let’s spice up the date a little bit with some karaoke. What great fun! Singing with the person you love! Who cares if you’re not good, you’re having fun and that’s all that counts!

6.A second first date:

If you feel like the romance is dropping a little bit and you need to kick it up a notch, how about having a date where it all began, going back to your first date. That should rekindle some of those great memories.

7.Apple Picking:

Do not do this unless its really sunny. What a great peaceful date, going through the open fields picking apples together.

8.Local Band:

If you have local bands around you, go out together and see a local band that neither of you have seen, that way you can judge it together!

9.Get Lost in a maze:

I’ve always wanted to do this, go out to a maze with a girl and just get lost, then you have to work out together how to get out!

10.Swimming at night:

Go late night swimming! Find a public pool that is open really late and have a midnight swim! Do not swim in the ocean or lakes at night though, highly dangerous.

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Even with all these date ideas, the best advice I can give you is, be spontaneous, try something new! Take the chance and go for it! These are just some perfect date ideas, hopefully I’ve inspired you to try something new, if you liked these and want to see more I’m sure I can do a part two. In addition, if you have other perfect date ideas, comment them below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent 

Have a great afternoon,