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17 Recipes To Help You Eat More Rainbow… I need more rainbow!

There’s something about brightly coloured food… It makes me want to eat it and I don’t know why… It looks to good! Now I’m sure you have seen all kinds of rainbow food. From ice cream to cake, to lollipop to even pizza. You feel like when you eat it you are on cloud 9. Too many colours to much happiness haha! Anyway, if you have been feeling down, want to step up the happiness in your life a little more, then you need more rainbow recipes!


What did you think of the food recipes, don’t you just want to eat more of it? I sure do, I’m actually looking right now where to buy some of that food, especially the bagel, imagine walking around with that. You would look so cool! Maybe too cool… Anyway, if you have any other questions, comment below or tweet me or reach out to me on Facebook!

Have a good evening,