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Twitter Followers:

That’s right people last night I reached 20,000 Twitter Followers, how crazy is that? What a great way to start my 2016!

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I actually cant believe it, so this morning I woke up, checked twitter as usual, only to see 20,000 twitter followers! I have finally reached the 20K mark. I’m so happy! It means so much to me that all you guys read my tweets, like my blog and actually want to see more of it!

This has made my year already, I’ve only been blogging and have my social media accounts for a year and they have grown so well! But… All of this wouldn’t of been possible with you guys! So I cannot say THANK YOU enough. You guys have made this possible, you have made my new years resolution into something amazing!

So as a little present back to you, I’m doing some pretty cool giveaways soon… So make sure you follow me on twitter if you don’t already, and spread the word for awesome #giveaways.

Once again, a huge THANK YOU, to all my followers and especially the ones the retweet and favourite my stuff!

Have a great day,