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3 Hours Late On First Date!  #AskJames

Good evening you lovely people, so I’ve had another #AskJames, so it’s only fair I answer it, lets begin!

Anonymous: “My date was three hours late on the first date, do I forgive him or forget him?”

Right, being stood up sucks, it’s a horrible feeling knowing they couldn’t even have the decency to call, text or give you some sort of message. We live in such a digital age, if their excuse is they couldn’t get hold of you, they were clearly lying. But what’s even worse than being stood up is arriving late. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some cases where there are real excuses. That I can fully understand, even myself. I have been in situations where I’ve thought “Bloody hell, I didn’t realise they closed the motorway” Or what not!

Things like that, are inevitable, we can’t predict the future for that. However, three hours late? Well that’s just poor! I can understand 15 minutes! But three hours, is just poor! So very very poor! So the real question is, do you give them a second chance? Even if they apologised… Well… No. I’m sorry to say, but three hours late just sound careless. That person went out their way, out of their busy lives, to sort out time to spend with you, and that¬†spat it back in their face…

In conclusion, find someone else. Not all first dates are great, sometimes they fall through or we realise they are not the right person for us. Cut your loses, move on to someone else!

If you have any other questions about being stood up, or your date arriving late, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent with the hashtag #AskJames so I can answer your questions!

Have a great evening,