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5 Autumn Menswear Essentials You Need! Step Up Your Style ASAP!

Good afternoon you lovely people, let’s have a chat about autumn menswear essentials. Yes, its starting to get colder. Summer is starting to disappear and Autumn/Winter is creeping up! So its time to get yourself prepared with the essentials you need. They are the following;

Pea coat:

the pea coat is definitely an autumn essential. There are so many places you can buy them from, I’ve bought from ASOS, River Island and Burton Menswear, I have to say though, my favourite was definitely Burtons Menswear.

Pattern Scarf:

The pattern scarf, it works so well for mixing up an outfit, there are literally hundreds of places you can go and get them. I like to go for River island, they do didn’t lengths for the outfit look you are trying to create.

Winter Boots:

I have a few pairs of winter boots, now if you want to get yourself prepared, get on ASOS, they have them all year round. Or if you are wanting something that will definitely keep you warm, go Timberland. They last for so long!

Knitted Jumper:

Now you cant go into winter without a knitted jumper, come on this is such an essential! You have two choices though, tight fit or a little loose, depending on the outfit you are trying to create. Burtons do great ones, but some of their sizes are a bit weirdly sized. It’s best to try them on first. But I like to shop at Abercrombie and Fitch

Leather Gloves:

Without a doubt your hands are going to get colder, but this isn’t the time to wearing some bulky, florescent coloured gloves… You need a level of sophistication. Go for the leather gloves.  

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