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5 Bomber Jackets You Need To Check Out

Hello you lovely people, hope you’re all having a lovely Saturday! I wanted to chat about Bomber Jackets! Now I have to say, bomber jackets do look great, but now there are so many choices, and I am here today to share some of them! 

Bomber Jackets you’re going to love!

Ted Baker: Energy Jacket – BUY HERE.

This is a great jacket, the materials used in this match the well-known brand. This isn’t your typical bomber jacket though, the high colour works great and with a lovely vibrant red will turn heads.

ted baker jacket, bomber jackets

New Look: Jacket In Grey BUY HERE.

This bomber jacket from New Look is lightweight, perfect for any outfit; the grey works so well with a casual outfit. A soft touch finish with a ribbed colour is a jacket you need in your wardrobe.

bomber jacket, new look jacket

Reclaimed Vintage BUY HERE.

Looking for something a bit more extreme? A little bit more out there? Well the reclaimed vintage look from ASOS is the jacket for you! An all over embroidery looks great and even better price.

ASOS vintage jacket
ASOS Bomber Jacket With MA1 Pocket In Khaki BUY HERE.

Similar to the Grey bomber jacket, this is a very similar style and lightweight feel. However, this design differs slightly as there is a pocket on one of the sleeves.

green bomber jacket

These are just a snippet of some of the jackets that are on my radar, make sure you look out for part 2 you’ll see some of the great ones that I want at my disposal.

What did you think of my bomber jacket choices, would you consider buying one of these jackets? Comment your thoughts below or reach out to me on social media.

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