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5 Golden Suit Rules, Do You Follow Them? If Not.. You Best Change Quick!

Wearing a suit is great, you feel amazing, look awesome and have this sense of boldness and sophistication about you. However, with that in mind, you can quickly look the fool when wearing one. That’s right! You can quickly make mistakes that takes you from feeling awesome to not… Well, I’m here today to make sure you follow the golden suit rules and look amazing.

Suit Rules Socks: Socks, very important. Do not firstly wear no socks… I mean, come on guys. Suit and no socks… But wearing the right socks for the right occasion. Now of course we live in the day and age when wearing colourful bright and wild socks is cool and fashionable. But make sure you match the occasion, be sensible with it.

Suit Rules Interview: Right, you’re going into an interview. You have to wear a suit, fair enough. But, wearing the right suit can make of break that interview. Make sure you look bold, but not money suit wearing a top hat bold. Find that balance. You need to look professional, so colour is also important.

Suit Rules Button: Okay, remember this! Because this wear a lot of people go wrong. Standing up, button one. Sitting down, un button. Easy at that, never let your suit stretch. Sitting down buttoned up is bad etiquette. In addition, don’t ever button both on a standard suit.

Suit Rules Wedding: One that is incredibly important. Never look better than the groom. Make sure its fitted properly and don’t stand out in any way over the other groomsman or groom. It’s his day, not yours. But for gods sake, look proper!

Suit Rules Size: I suppose this one ties into all of them. Making sure a suit fits properly! It’s so damn important, it can take you from looking scrappy to professional and sexy. If you feel like it is to big, go to a tailor its definitely worth the money.

Okay those are just five golden rules to live by when wearing a suit. I hope I’ve been able to help out, if you have any other rules you want to add, put them into the comment section on notify me on social media.

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