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5 things to give up for guaranteed success

Success is just as much about being selfish than anything else. Without realising it you could be stopping yourself reaching the point of your career because you can’t let go of certain aspects of life that are keeping you locked in the position you are. Let’s talk about the steps you need to take for guaranteed success.

Your own success

If you want success, you need to stop making excuses for everything. Forgot about a meeting? Late to one? Forgot to follow up with a phone call? There is no excuse for laziness or tardiness. You are responsible for your guaranteed success. If you start making more and more excuses, your success just becomes a dream and never a reality.

Bad habits

We all like a good lifestyle, some people like it more than others. Living life a king, that whole rock & roll attitude. I mean come on, who doesn’t like a good night out, cutting loose, going a little wild. However, this lifestyle could be producing bad habits that are slowing down your success. You have to cut them from your life, and before you know it, you will see quicker guaranteed success.

Comparison to others

This can become one of the biggest problems for guaranteed success. You see, without realising it you are inspired by certain individuals, to thrive yourself to be like them. That isn’t uncommon in life. However, it’s the worse thing to do. You see, by comparing yourself to others all the time you become an extension of them, but it’s not your success… Don’t compare their timeline to yours.


Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go in the direction we hope or predict. Complaining about whatever goes wrong, whenever it does, is a complete waste of your time. No one is going to just come along and help you out; no one is going give you magic beans. You need to channel that frustration into achievement, not the other way around.

Accept Responsibility 

You must accept responsibility to thrive in this world, you must take that responsibility for guaranteed success. If something goes wrong, you must be able to accept that you have done wrong and push forward and not backwards.

Do you think these tips will help for guaranteed success? If you have more tips for success, comment them below or reach out to me on social media. If you want to carry on the reading, have a look at the post below.

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