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5 Things all women think after a first date:

Now, gents you don’t realise it but after that first date all women think about a lot more than you think, but you can actually narrow it down to five things a women thinks about! So that’s what I’m here to do today, give you the insights into what they are most likely thinking after that first date;

When will he text me?

Now, you don’t realise it but from the minute you have walked her to her door, or first thing after you have said goodbye in the morning, they are thinking about when you are going to text them! They are trying to work out, if you are going to text in the afternoon, a day later or at a random time throughout the week! They are waiting for it as a women loves when you make the first move. Now even if they weren’t that interested in you, they are still waiting for the text!

Would my friends get on with him?

Unfortunately men, approval is everything when it comes to a women. Approval from their friends, family or even their dog. If approval isn’t met it puts you two steps behind where they want you to be! While men, can agree or disagree on what they friends think of their partner, when it comes to women its different. They work in packs, groups of friends that can easily persuade a women’s decision to go further with a guy or leave them behind. So, gents when are meeting with friends for the first time, be on your best behaviour.

Is he a player?

One of the biggest things a women thinks about is “Are they a player?” unfortunately that is the one big thing on their mind, they don’t want to get played or waste their time. The problem is because players have multiplied and expanded, they have worked the tricks and methods of getting a women, so when a date goes extremely well, they think “Hm… that was to good to be true, he’s well practiced” He must know the tricks to get a women, so it’s your job now to prove the first otherwise.

Is there potential for a relationship?

A big thought on their minds is, is there potential for growth? Could there be a relationship in this, of course this is a thought, because if they don’t think there is the potential for a relationship then there isn’t much point, at that point you are just friends. It doesn’t matter who they are, from the cool women sitting behind the bar, acting all cool with every man staring at her to the quiet librarian who keeps to herself, the same thought is running through their heads.

Was there sexual chemistry?

There is always the thought with men and women is there sexual chemistry, is their lust within it, because sexual chemistry can make relationship great! The thing is without sex, you are actually just friends… So, they are thinking “If I was to have sex with them, would it be good?” Sexual chemistry is a huge part when moving a relationship further!

If you have any other insights into what they women think about after a first date, then comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent, have a great morning.