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5 Tips To Rocking Bed Hair Look

Rocking the bed hair look isn’t as hard as you think and can sometimes be a lifesaver when time just isn’t your friend. Let’s be honest, we have all been there at some point or another. You have woken up, tired. You’ve hit that snooze alarm more times than its socially or sensibly allowed. You eventually get that energy to roll yourself out of bed, in a natural daze you start getting ready… Then you look up at the clock. Your heart sinks, you know realise you have about 15 minutes to get dressed, eat and out the door. With this short scale plan, your hair is probably the last thing you want to be thinking about… In comes in the bed head look. However, you can rock this look with ease, but you can also easily mess it up and get into work looking like you joined in the jungle stampede.

Let’s follow my easy steps into rocking the bed hair look, let’s begin!

Reign in the loose strands:

If you’re going to rock this look, then you need to make sure you have tamed the wild beast on your head to a socially acceptable standard. So make sure you use some product to just keep it in line, grab those loose ends that are standing to attention and flatten them to keep in line. But remember, don’t go over the top you still need a couple of  errant hairs to maintain the ‘casual and care-free’ look.

Dress accordingly:

When dressing for the day make sure that your outfit matches that hair do. So for example, don’t go out wearing a three piece suit, overcoat with monk style 2017 fresh shoes, with a mop of crazy hair… It just doesn’t match that well does it? So your outfit has got to be a bit care free, a bit “I look good but I don’t feel like trying to much today, so deal with it.”

If you’re having one of those hair days its time to embrace the casual jeans, simple shirts, nice jacket but not to bold and over the top. In addition, if time is a problem, I don’t think you really have the time to over thinking colour combinations with the look of your outfit.

bed hair

Exude Confidence:

Right, you’re out of the house you have your casual outfit on, your hairs a little crazy but you’re feeling good. You’ve got on the Train, bus, subway etc and you’re getting some unusual looks.. They know you’re looking a bit rushed. This is the time to show that care free attitude. You know you look casual and you’re going to rock it. Keep your call, walk with style and be care free. Who cares if you didn’t have time to do your hair, you still look awesome.

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