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5 Tips To Staying Inspired!

Do you ever feel like you need just that little boost in order to stay that extra bit inspired and focused throughout your day? Well maybe you should follow these 5 tips in order to help you achieve that.

Staying inspired and focused is very important in order to maximize your daily potential and ensure you achieve as many tasks you set out to in the day as possible.  If you want to reach a better level of inspiration and focus you should:

Start your day with a job

Exercises first thing in the morning is scientifically proved to wake you up and give you energy for the remainder of the day. A morning jog is also shown to help the runner focus as it helps clear the mind and think. This is why a jog in the morning is better than other forms of exercise as long term cardio is basic in the nature of exercise and so does not need to be thought about intensively when exercising. Furthermore, a morning job helps you get into routine. By running every morning it helps you both get up early and start doing something as well as imprinting on your mind that you need to keep up routines to achieve results.

Don’t visit social media until you’re done

Social media is amazing. It has so many benefits to both individuals and businesses. However, it can also be a huge distraction. By avoiding social media until you have finished a job prevents procrastination and you deterring from your aim as social media can remind you of other tasks needed to be done.

Tackle top 3 tasks first

It is very easy to lose control of your day and lack inspiration. So solve this problem by stay focused too few tasks instead of many. In order to stop you getting overwhelmed do your most important first 3 tasks and don’t stop until you have finished them and by doing so you remain focused and ensure that you time is more appropriately managed as you must complete your important tasks to move onto your less important ones later. This is a great method to stay inspired and avoid procrastination. As you think about the tasks you have to achieve in depth and avoid doing tasks which when you think about it are not worth doing first. So what are you waiting for? Get to work!

Drink lots of water

It is important to drink regularly as the human brain is made up of around 85% water and not being properly hydrated can negatively affect ones focus and even short term memory. Therefore it is vital that you stay hydrated. Researches from University of East London and the University of Westminster have directly linked poor hydration with poor response time and ability to focus. So make sure you get drinking!

Read a new book each month

Your brain is much like a muscle. It needs to be worked out and exercises. So by reading a new book you are training your mind in both the act of regularly learning new things but also the specific knowledge gained from reading said books. Therefore it is both important to read books specific to information you want to learn but also ensure that you have enough variety in your readings to diversify your learning as well as making sure reading remains enjoyable.

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Have a great evening!