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5 Traits Of A Modern Gentleman:

A gentleman, yeah they can be hard to find nowadays. Now I’m not saying they have gone or disappeared. Oh no, but I am saying that they did disappear for a while! With that in mind though, there are still a fair few around! But the concept of a gentleman has changed, evolved into something else. With this in mind, If you do think you are a gentleman, or in particular a modern gentleman then you should be following these 5 traits, let’s see if you do!

They Know how to apologise:

Yeah okay, men like to stand their ground, just as much as women do! However, a modern gentleman should know when its time to stand tall, stand bold and apologise for what was done wrong. By gritting your teeth, not apologising when necessary and well… being a little bitch. You look like such a boy, not a man.

He can compliment a women, but a compliment of credibility:

If you are going to compliment a women, firstly be honest, second say it with credibility because they can easily break through the bullshit. Now, what I’m meaning is when saying certain compliments say them in a certain way for example “God, you are hot, yummy!” < GOD NO. Instead say “You look incredibly pretty” See the difference.

He understands that chivalry is not dead:

Now I understand we live in an age of equality and that it incredibly important, but that doesn’t mean that chivalry goes out the window! Letting her walk on the inside of the pavement, grabbing the door, paying for the meal, giving her your coat when she’s cold doesn’t make you a god of a gentleman, it makes you well mannered. So keep it that way! But, if she want’s to split the meal, grab the door then let her, this is 2016 people!

He dresses well, but not necessarily in suits and booted:

Dressing well is incredibly important, of course as a fashion blogger I know what you should be wearing on what occasions. But this is 2016 people, wearing a suit to go to the grocery store is a bit.. unusual. But that doesn’t mean, you have to dress in tracksuits and a snapback.. please no. You are still a gentleman, so dress smart casual, but know when a suit is necessary. If you are needing smart fashion inspiration click here.

A handshake says it all:

Yes, this trait has been around for ages, and will never pass. When shaking another gentleman’s hand you don’t want it to be like you were shaking a wet fish, so neither should yours. A proper handshake always please.

If you have any other questions about being a modern gentleman, comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent,