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Avoid hitting the snooze button:

Getting out of the bed in the morning can sometimes be such a hassle! I don’t know why it is but your bed is the most comfy in the morning, just as your alarm is about to go off. Without a doubt if you have pressed that alarm 5-6 times before getting out of bed you are going to have a slow starting morning… Once that alarm goes off get up and out of bed! The best thing to do is get an alarm and place it away from your bed, its so easy to just slam on the snooze and roll over.

Let sunshine brighten up your day:

When you wake up its dark, cold and your bed is looking at you saying ‘Come back! Come back’ Once you are up open the curtains and let the light in! Natural light will wake you up and hopefully brighten your spirits!

Turn up the music ( Make it loud! )

Loud music in the morning is the best thing to get your day started right! It can put you in a good mood and get you motivated for the day. Make a playlist of upbeat happy songs that will surely put you in a good mood. Spotify is a good place to start they have got loads of upbeat playlists you can choose from, or if you are lacking inspiration check out one of mine!

Prepare your breakfast the night before:

It doesn’t matter what profession you are in, morning are usually rushed! Saving time is so important, put your breakfast out the night before, whatever you eat in the morning from a fruit salad, porridge or a full english! Get the ingredients ready! This will save you time looking for everything you need

Put out your outfit in advance:

This is the biggest time saving trick I have. Whatever you wear, get it ready the night before! From socks to hats get it all ready. This way when you are half asleep in the morning stumbling around your room you don’t need to be thinking about what you are going to wear for the day.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it makes your mornings just that little bit easier!