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Good morning everyone, today I wanted to talk to you about something that has been going on in the news at the moment, if you are from England you will definitely know that everyone is talking about how plastic bags are no longer free, each plastic bag from any Supermarket store is now 5p each, and everyone seems to be freaking out a little… But without realising it every single British person has been preparing for this change, how many times have you taken plastic bags from your groceries and thrown them under the sink, in the cupboard or the plastic bag dispensers! This was preparation, for the change. But seriously guys, its 5p… you can buy those heavy-duty ones for 2 pounds. We were actually one of the few countries not doing it, but what’s really strange is that everyone seemed to shocked about it. But the news came out like a year ago… Saying there was going to be a change in the Law, then every single supermarket advertised it. But so many people still looked shocked when they actually changed the law.

dailymail - jamesvincent.life

dailymail – jamesvincent.life

However, with the change in law, some people have actually turned criminal.. Tesco did a press release stating they had lost hundreds of baskets from their stores and people were stealing them.. Stealing? Because of 5p.. that’s as bit steep. But to be honest I have to laugh at the whole thing, I saw a bloke a sainsburys, refused to buy a 5p bag so instead he carried milk, eggs, cereal, cat food and vegetables only to drop half of them on the way out..

People wake up to the fact the 5p isn’t going to break your bank, but walking around with the weeks groceries will probably break your back!

But whats so funny is Britain reacted when the change happened, with the Daily Mail stating Chaos. >

dailymail jamesvincent.life

Have a great day, and remember if you are buying groceries this weekend, be prepared, take those heavy duty plastic bags! Oh and don’t be that guy that goes a steals a basket, don’t be a pleb.

If you still don’t understand the law and would like to know more check out the BBC news or if you want a chuckle how some British people have reacted check out Buzzfeed