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While I was in Marbella I had enough time to make a little video, I hope you enjoy!

Over the last few days, Ive been in Marbella on a business trip, meeting some very cool people and seeing some very cool places! As I arrived I was taken to the office, where I chilled out for a bit then I was taken to my apartment, it was such a lovely apartment. After I had settled in, I went out to lunch which was so lovely, fresh fish eaten right next to the beach, life couldn’t get much better.

After a very filling lunch and some homemade cherry liquor I went to back to the apartment for a little nap. After 40 winks and a very large cup of coffee, I was ready to go back out and meet other clients. After a very productive meeting and all positive outcomes, we then proceeded to go out for dinner, and see some of the local bars. Which was so much fun!

If you want to see more of what I got up too, just click the Marbella video below! I hope you enjoy. If you have any other questions, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or check out my Instagram @james.vincent 

Have a great day,