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9 Parts Of The Tube Map That Are A Complete Lie. Have you experienced the mistakes?

Good evening all you lovely people. Let’s talk about the underground, the tube map in particular! Yesterday I was in London, for a series of events, meeting people and of course experiencing what London has to offer. However, with the day flying by and myself on my feet all day, before I knew its, I had to head back to Paddington Station to catch a train back to reading. But, with this little transport plan the tube had to be involved. The tube… A hot, quick easy access transportation service, clever BUT naturally flawed.

For someone like myself, I don’t know the tubes that well, I don’t know the underground as well as my mind and memory should. But, with natural instant I worked out how to use it… Therefore, I was able to travel through the belly of London, but I did notice some mistakes. See for yourself!

The parts of London that hold mistakes, let’s talk about the Tube map.

So what did you think about the tube map? Did you see how the underground has gone a little wrong? Or do you already know these London mistakes, the underground is a beautifully designed system, but naturally with small human errors, but we work around it.

If you have any other questions about the London Underground, comment below or you can reach me on just about any social media channel you like, I’m on all of them! I would love to hear your London underground stories.  Facebook / Twitter / Instagram..

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