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Got Balls? | A Reminder To All Men.

If I could go back to when I was younger I would say to myself “James, just do it. What do you have to loose”

When I was younger, I didn’t lack confidence, no. But I did lack taking the risk, the whole “Got balls?” When I was younger, there were girls that I fancied, but I didn’t just say fuck it and rolled the dine. I strategically thought about my situation and imagined 10 different options in my head. > When it comes to this sort of thing you literally just have to say “Fuck it, and go with it” Why? Because, its life. You can plan all you like, think of all the options, all the outcomes and paths to do it. But it doesn’t work.

Okay, maybe I’ve going to far, yeah of course plans work. We all have plans, but what I’m trying to say it. Imagine your plan in a straight line, now take a pen, draw some squiggly lines on it, rub some pen on it. Then crush the piece of paper and flatten it again. That’s really your plan? See..

So why am I talking about this, well the prime example was recently I witnessed a party where the girls where on one side, guys on the other… Now, yeah when the blood starts turning into alcohol the idea of self confidence is gone. But what happens when you don’t have alcohol as a catalyst? You’re fucked..

Nowadays you really just have to go up to the girl, and say what you like, speak your mind. Because, if anything it will throw them off guard, and they love the unexpected. Don’t believe me, okay here’s an example. – I knew this guy, not very good looking, but he dressed so dapper. But he would “pull” girls like there were no tomorrow, but he would also get turned down regularly, when I asked him “Does it not bother you getting turned down? ”  He said, “If I don’t try I don’t ever have a chance” – And my god it worked.. it actually worked..

Nowadays I see guys, look at girls hoping they will be the one in 100000 that will make the first move.. .That doesn’t happen… Grow some balls, make the move men!

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