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Have you ever tried this Activia Drink?

Im on my three day business trip at the moment in Marbella, now in-between meetings and exploring the city I’ve had to go get some groceries. While I was searching through the ‘Supermarche’ to find something that looks worthwhile, I stumbled across this drink… An Activia drink, it looked awesome. I like Activia anyway but I had never seen it in drink form.

It tastes so ridiculously good, I’ve had one every day since I’ve been here ahah! This is something they should definitely have in England I’m actually considering writing to Activia and saying, ‘Sell this stuff here’ because I would definitely buy it, Its the perfect drink to have on the go as its loaded with energy!

If they do sell it in England I’ve never seen it, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong places ahah! After googling it I’ve noticed they have made many types but they only seem to sell the really small ones in england.. Which is annoying!

If you know where to buy this drink in England tweet me @mrjamesvincent and remember to follow me on instagram people! @james.vincent 

Have a great day everyone, remember to keep your eyes peeled for my other Marbella blog posts, in addition I’m editing my marbella video at the moment as well! Which should go live in the next week or so.

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