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Thats right people, you read right! There is an Ad-Free youtube…

Last week, youtube released their ad-free version, which is called Youtube Red, this service is meant to take on all subscription services, all at once… Big Job! The service will allow you to watch any video you like all Ad- free. However, this service called Youtube Red comes at a price, $9.99 a month, will cover all the charges, which is very similar pricing to all the other services out there.

For years people have streamed countless Youtube videos, watching anything from how to cook pancakes to Lady gaga, there are so many videos on youtube that if you were to watch every video back to back you would go through your whole life without finishing them… Crazy right! But the big problem was that people love listening to music, on the go. But for years you have to keep the Youtube app open to listen to music. Well thats all changing Youtube Red will allow you to stream music and lock your phone!

While YouTube Red is priced at $9.99 per month, that doesn’t apply to anyone who purchases it directly on an iPhone: iOS subscribers who buy YouTube Red through Apple will be charged an additional $3, so it costs $12.99 instead. According to a YouTube spokesperson, “As everyone knows, Apple charges an additional fee, so we’re passing that fee on.” Basically, because Apple charges a 30% fee for content to be sold via its App Store or as an in-app purchase, YouTube is charging 30% more for Red when it’s sold there. (Quoted from Buzzfeed)

So a new beginning is here, Youtube Red, an app which will compete for the top streaming service in the world! If you have any other questions Tweet me @mrjamesvincent