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Comparing Times… Trying on my Dads Air Force Uniform

Hello you lovely people, today I’ve been doing some photoshoots, but in that process I had to search in the loft for a couple things. While up there I stumbled across my dads old Air Force uniform. Well, of course I’m going to try it on, because at 23 he was in currently active there so I wanted to see if I could fit into it.

It made me think though, so at 23 he was doing that, what was his life goals? What troubles, barriers and objectives did he have at that age. Then in made me compare it to my life… While we are so alike, we are also different, at 23 I’m working in a marketing agency, having a blog… Modelling and more! Still with a sense of entrepreneurship running through my veins.. Which is why I say we are so similar as well. Even though my Dad was serving at the time, he still had very similar goals in life!

Now while you want to naturally be like your parents and its very common to take after what they have learnt, done and achieved its also so good to try it on your own… Set your own goals, learn things that they have never even had a chance to. I think that’s what is so good about this generation, there is so many options for you in life… You don’t have to the do normal, expected or the same… You can rock the boat and enter foggy grounds knowing you have the motivation and capabilities to get through it the other side.

So what do you want to do in life? Comment your life goals below.

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