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So the other week I was contacted by Amazon Fashion, they wanted to send me one of their branded leather Jackets, now of course I’m not going to say no! So, a couple days had passed, and before I knew it, my brand new leather jacket had arrived.

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Now I’m going to be honest, I haven’t in the passed usually shopped for clothes on amazon, even though they have such a good line of clothes, I just haven’t, but now I wish I had… After the jacket arrived, I ripped through the packaging, to see this matt black, leather jacket. I had gone for the size medium which had fit me perfectly. that snug fit that you definitely need when getting a leather jacket. I thought to myself I wonder what other great clothes Amazon have on their site, so I’m searching back and forth only to realise that they have this amazing line of clothing, and what’s even better is that there are ratings for clothing, from real users. Which is something other companies don’t do. I found some clothes that I have already added to my wish list, which makes me think, why not shop for my Christmas presents on Amazon Fashion ! I can find everything I want, for practically half the price!
So if you’re looking for christmas presents this year, or a piece of clothing you haven’t been able to find in stores, why not check out Amazon Fashion, they have an amazing line that’s definitely worth your time. If you have any other questions tweet me @mrjamesvincent or check out my other posts on my Instagram @james.vincent Have a great day, and remember if you are looking for great clothing at even better prices check out Amazon fashion gift guide.
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So check out the Amazon Fashion Gift Guide this christmas! and remember, if you get this jacket use the hashtags #amazonfashionEU and #Christmasgiftguide and tag me in the pictures! I want to see you in the jacket!