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Arley Railway Station | Exploring Worcestershire

As it was very sunny yesterday I made sure I didn’t waste the small amount of sunshine this country has to offer. I said to my dad, let’s go somewhere I have never been before and he recommended Arley Railway Station, a small station kept stuck in its time located on the Seven Valley Railway line in Worcestershire. This small station locked in the past definitely puts a few things into perspective into what the past was like and how we do take the simplest of things  for granted.

Severn Valley Railway heritage line

As we arrived at the station, I was immediately taken by the old adverts, naturally as my career is in marketing I found it really cool to see how they advertised businesses and services and the designs they had produced. Its interesting the type of illustrations they produced to advertise the train journey stops and how to attract more people to travel by train.

James Vincent Worcestershire

Outside the train station, couldn’t help but notice the metal containers for milk, with the sign on it which says URGENT. Next to the packages, ready to be transported. We take for granted things like the postal service, considering that you can click a button now and Amazon is at your door 24 hours later.

Vintage Advertisements

Just look how fantastic these illustrations are, think how long they would of taken to produce and the work gone into them. I didn’t take a photo of all the adverts they had around the station but it was everything from cigarettes to dog food.

Upper Arley Trains

Couldn’t help but notice the suitcases piled up on each side of the tracks, look at the vintage leather cases all in different colours. I really want one aha, not sure how long it will last though.

The weather was just fantastic, couldn’t of asked for a better day, clear blue skies as the steam trains went past. If you didn’t get a chance head over to my Instagram where I put the video of the trains on their.

Arley Train Conductor

They really do stick to character, how fantastic are these uniforms, with the original ticket punchers and badges. I had a million and one questions for them as well which they were able to answer without hesitation.

Arley Railway Station Worcestershire

This is the view of Arley Railway station from the bridge we passed over to get into the station, if you’re lucky and you time it right you can be walking over the bridge as the trains are going through so the air fills with smoke but its a very cool experience.

If you get a chance I definitely recommend taking some time out of your day and having a visit to the Arley Railway station, there is also coffee and tea shops around the corner and its by the water so you get some fantastic views.

Arley Worcestershire Railway

Have a fantastic day,