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The Art Of Politeness, manners maketh man.

Let’s have a littleĀ chat about manners, and why they are so important. There I was walking through London, stopped into a pret manger store to grab a bite to eat. Nothing in particular but just something to keep me going.

I walked up to the counter. A smile of my face, with food in my hand, I handed it over to the guy. He then proceeded to chat for a couple of seconds about the food I was purchasing, only for a man in a dark grey suit, monk style shoes, slick black hair to practically throw his food on the counter, with his black marble eyes he looked at me and tried to show a sense of dominance, he waved his 20 pound note on this guy’s face to say. “I’ll be served first”

The guy, agitated, tapping his fingers on the counter looked at me and the guy serving.. With a split second passing and me about to say something, the man behind the counter who was not tall, muscular or confident looked at the guy and said “You’ll have to wait your turn” once he had served me the man behind the counter then walked away and it made me chuckle to myself, you can show dominance, masculinity but manners still beat it. The rude man then walked off in anger without being able to buy his food because they refused to serve him.

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Manners 1 / Rudeness 0