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The Art Of Saying… FUCK IT.

Hello you beautiful people, how are you all? It’s currently 9.30PM on a Sunday evening; I’m sitting at my desk, drinking cold milk and doing what I do best, blogging.  What I’m here to do today is talk about the phrase, the lifestyle, the choice, FUCK IT. 

What a phrase, a statement turning to your friend, or your business partner, or even just the never ending voice in your head you talk to and saying to yourself, “you know what, fuck it”. I don’t believe it’s a bad thing to say, it’s a life choice and sometimes it’s the perfect thing to do.

In life we are taught a few things, they are brainwashed into us they are; Wait your turn, follow the rules, don’t expect a lot, settle for average. This is taught is an act of safety. Without risking it, you don’t lose anything. Okay, that’s not bad advice, but let’s be honest, following the rules, going with the flow and expecting average just because someone told you so it just about the biggest load of crap. You don’t get anywhere by just following the crowd, you don’t stand out by wearing the same thing and you don’t get remembered by going with the flow.

Sometimes in life taking a risk is best god damn thing you can do. At the end of the day, you won’t know unless you try.

Take the risk, turn to that inner voice inside your head and say FUCK IT. 

Want my advice? Do the unexpected, change the game. Follow your heart and always have fun with it. You have one life on this pale blue dot, why make it boring? Why it make it average? Risk it for the biscuit.

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