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AskJames | Awful In bed, What Do I Do?

Anonymous: “Hi James, I’ve been in a relationship with this guy for about three months, and he is just so awful in bed, he doesn’t know what he’s doing… What do I do?”

Now this is one that I’ve actually had a couple times. As I tweeted the question on twitter one of my followers said the perfect answer that I believe it the right answer “Teach them”

That is literally the best and most honest answer you can get, yeah I know what you’re thinking, James I was hoping for something a little bit more in detail to help the problem but teaching them is the way forward, let me explain why.

In life, you are going to sleep with different people and I can tell you this, they are going to like different things, not one person is going to like the same thing… But what happens when you get into bed and your other half doesn’t think you are good at it? The answer is more simple than you think! Just teach them. Tell them how you like and work off each other, even myself. I like different things, to the next guy.

So just tell them how you like it, and he will tell you how he likes it to, you are in a relationship together. You didn’t fall in love over the sex. But its a pretty amazing bonus if its good. And it should be, so help each other out!

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