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Its time to update your wardrobe and follow the Autumn Trends,

The cold is upon us… It’s time to bring out those scarves and heavy winter coats. This morning I had my MOT for my car and I was up early and out of the house, I actually had to wear a scarf this morning… ¬†Yes a big wooly scarf, it feels like it was only last week I was on holiday soaking up the sun with a cocktail in one hand and sunglasses in the other.

After my MOT this morning I had some spare time so I decided to go on a small walk, I have to say the weather isn’t great today… It has that really gloomy feeling, walking through the fields, all the grass is starting to look a bit pale.. In addition it was so quiet, not a dog walker in site.

But even with the weather not on my side, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep warm and look good. So lets go through what I’m wearing today, starting with the shoes, I’m wearing Black Chelsea boots with a supported heal, these shoes are great in winter, they hug your feet, matching them with some wooly socks and you will definitely not have cold toes.

Then marrying the black shoes with black skinny jeans from River Island, I’ve said in the past how good these jeans are, they just match my body type so well, literally all my jeans are from there.

Because its started to get a lot colder this is the perfect season for the turtle necks, keeping your neck warm and away from the cold, this specific slim fit grey one is from Next menswear. (A great Autumn trend essential)

You can then add the accessories like a black wooly scarf from Burtons and a Tan strap watch from Debonair Time.

If you have any questions about this outfit or any other Autumn Trends, tweet me at @mrjamesvincent or Check out my other photos on Instagram @james.vincent


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