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Avaj is a brand new men’s lifestyle website, which sells unique range of luxurious grooming products, clothing, homeware and fashion accessories perfect for the well groomed modern man!

Good morning all you lovely people,

Let me just start this blog post by saying a huge thank you to Avaj UK, for sending me these products!

I found these guys on twitter, and I fell in love with their products!

They are so slick and modern, great additions to any man!

So let’s get started;

Avaj are introducing a range of grooming products that are perfect for rejuvenating tired and dry skin, and revitalising your body from the stresses and strains of a busy lifestyle.


Avaj Products, avaj products skincare, avaj boxers

This product is designed to revitalise tired skin… And you know what? it does exactly that! You notice a difference instantly, after trying out this product just once you can see it working! The bottle contains activated carbon to help bind the toxins and then get rid of them! So many face washes now a days leave your face either feeling really oily or the absolute opposite, really dry. Which is the last thing you want. The product leaves you feeling fresh, with a high mint and peppercorn fragrance!


150ml (17 pounds)



let’s be honest gentleman, dry lips never look good. you may look great, but don’t let yourself down with chapped lips. This product is great, and works wonders. It keeps lips looking hydrated, and whats even best is it doesn’t even look like you are applying anything. Some lip balms leave a glossy aftermath, no man wants that. Keep it simple with the Avaj Lip balm!

Avaj Products, avaj products skincare, avaj boxers

15ml ( 5pounds)



This moisturiser is a great addition to any mans products, Directions for use are simple; spray all over your body let it soak in, for fast and easy hydration. I had never used a product like this before so I was very intrigued to try it out! It works so well. You feel bolder, hydrated and ready for the day! It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Avaj Products, avaj products skincare, avaj boxers



The overall packaging of this product is slick modern and definitely a 10/10. The products come in a glossy box lined with tissue paper and black rose petals, to protect all the products. Sealed with an avaj sticker to keep it all securely packaged right to your front door. Could you ask for much more?

Avaj Products, avaj products skincare, avaj boxers



There is so much to choose from so go check them out and have a look at their full range of products.


I hope you have enjoyed this post,