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Bank holiday Monday, spent on trains.

Good morning everyone, as you read this entry by me on Bank Holiday Monday, I am sitting on a London Midland train. I’m tired, irritable, hungry with a bruised back and a black eye. Yes, you read that right. 

How did I land in this spot? How did I get here? Well, let me backtrack a little bit. I went out last night; I had a very messy evening with my brothers, a sort of belated 18th party. That night ended in a little ‘squabble’ with some ugly little creature who thought I grabbed her behind. She then proceeded to slap me, then her troll looking boyfriend took a swing too, I took a swing back and before you know it the bouncers are involved.. wrong place at the wrong time. But that didn’t ruin my night, carried on to the break of dawn before stumbling to a taxi and going home. Let’s move on to today!

I went down to London to meet some interesting people for meetings about collaborations for the blog. Unfortunately, due to the common cold and bad communication, one of the meetings got cancelled, so I’m going all the way down to London for one hour, ONE HOUR. 

I try not think on the bad side of things, but I do very much feel like it’s a waste of time. Also because of these crazy train time wraps you can only go and get trains and certain times of the day or your ticket aren’t valid, which is just bloody brilliant.

But with train journeys, you do have one good thing, and that is time. Time to sit and think, Time to catch up with people, time to relax.

I always like watching the world go by and on London Midland trains you do meet the world and his wife aha!

Have a great bank holiday Monday everyone and remember to always try look on the brighter side.

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