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Become You | Being Different:

When you are growing up, you have all these dreams, aspirations and Goals, remember when you were growing up and you were like “I want to be a fire fighter, I want to be a doctor, I want to be the best businessmen ever, I want to be a vet” All those dreams you had growing up, all those ideas, creation, imagination? Where did it go?

What happens to humans? Where did those dreams go? Its like we grow up and our dreams leave us behind. We grow up to become robots? A race of robots, everyone being the same. With the same ideas, same rules, same beliefs. Where did the creator go?

We constantly listen to what other people say, we constantly listen to teachers who think they know it all, reading from books that our outdated, from theories that are bias. In life, I can give you one piece of advice. One piece of advice that you should remember.

“Become you, become what you were meant to be. If you have a passion, follow it. If you have dreams follow it and never let go. If you have a belief an idea, believe in it. Whatever you are, be it and be proud of it. Gay, straight, black, white.. don’t let anyone think you are different. You are one of a kind, unique to the world… So, discover you, the best investment you will ever make in life, is in yourself”

You are not a robot, not the same as the person next to you, behind you or in front of you. Discover your skills, develop them and become the best you can possibly be. Discover who you are, and don’t let anyone change that.

Life, is too damn short, for you to pretend to be someone else. 

James – One of the non robots. #NotARobot  Twitter: @mrjamesvincent