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Healthy? How healthy? I find it so hard.. Ive heard this over and over again from people! Some people find it so hard.¬†However, with that in mind I’m going to share with you guys some tips I’ve picked up along the way into making your week a little healthier!

Drink more water:

Okay you have all heard you are supposed to drink more water, well to be exact they say you should drink eight glasses a day, well no one really counts! That’s just going to make you need the toilet more, and just annoy you! But you can do one thing to make you drink more a be more healthy. Just before a meal, or a snack have a glass of water, this way it will fill you up more, keep you more healthy and you are getting more water in you!


You know when you told your self you would start in January, to lose some weight as your new years resolution… Well now its Christmas and you are saying the same thing for next January, all you have to do it start, no excuses.

Eat your veggies:

Thats right I’m talking to you, yeah you! Eat your veggies, you know when you were younger and your mum would look over to you and say ‘Eat your veggies, they will make you big and strong.’ She wasn’t just doing it for a laugh! Veggies do make you healthy, so substitute your seconds for some more veggies! In addition they will also keep you full for longer. ( Check out my article on Best Post Workout Foods)

Keep good company:

Surround yourself with people that have the same attitude as you, if your friends all say ‘Lets take a drive to McDonalds’ Maybe skip out on that one… That way you won’t be tempted! Temptation is everything ;p


You know that one friend who has like 3 hours sleep and is ready for the day… Well that friend is weird haha! As well those people eventually crash and their bodies shut down! Sleep is so good for you, so replenish your body with all the time you need! Check out my full benefit article of sleep here.

Keep a log book:

If you are a busy person, always on the go! Sometimes its hard to keep track of what you eat. So keep a log book of everything you eat, that way you can work out where you are going wrong! Theres a great app for this, I think its called my fitness pal or something!

Substitute the bad for the good:

When you feel like snacking, instead of having the chocolate bar that you have been saving for a while, try a healthy alternative like nuts and yogurt! Read my article on Health Benefits of Nuts here.

If you have any other great tips on being more healthy, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or check me out on Instagram @james.vincent