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Best Boyfriend Gifts – The Ultimate Guide:

Good morning everyone! So you’re wanting to buy a gift for your boyfriend, but you’re not just looking for any gift, you’re looking for the best boyfriend gifts! Well, that’s what I’m here to help you with! As a guy I know what we like, I’m a credible source of information when it comes to this stuff! So let’s begin! 

Now firstly do remember, every guy is different, we all like different things and have different tastes, from the guy that loves his football and real ales to the opposite spectrum wanting the latest drone and android phone! Make sure you hint to your boyfriend the kind of gifts you are thinking of getting him and see how he reacts!

Here are some things that I like and I’m sure your boyfriend with like too; 

Eau De Toilette:

You can’t go wrong with mens perfume, its always a safe bet you have! Now I’ve reviewed a fair few which in my eyes were great to have they included the below! Now in my opinion, I always think Eau De Toilette is best for the early relationship, you’ve been going out for a bit, nothing too serious… yet! It shows you care but you’re not at the level of getting him a scrapbook ahah!

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Now clothes can bit a little risky, if you don’t know his style or the kind of clothes he wears don’t risk it. In addition, if he had a specific style go with that style, the last thing you want to do is buy him a streetwear tee and all he wears is smart casual… Be sensible. Start hinting it too him what clothes he likes!

Here are some work I’ve done for some clothes companies:

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Yes ladies, a watch goes down so well is a guys books! However, we are perceived that to get a watch is highly expensive, well that is where you are wrong! There are a lot of watch companies out there offering great watches as affordable prices, they are the following!

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Mens Grooming Kits:

A great gift to get your boyfriend, some mens grooming essentials!

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Mens Boxers:


Now if you’re wanting to go a little cuter for your boyfriend, and your boyfriend prefers that to materialistic stuff, then go for things like:

  • A photo frame of you and him
  • A scrap book of your memories
  • A day out to wear to first met or had your first kiss

I hope this had helped in some way for best boyfriend gifts, if you have any other questions drop them in the comment section below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent