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Okay we all love food, who doesn’t… But, there are some gifts out there you may need to buy if you love food more than your peers! 

Below is a small gallery of some pictures that should make you want to open your wallet and start buying! I hope you enjoy my food gifts.

1.The Electric Milk Frother:

Okay we all love a good coffee who doesn’t right? If you don’t like coffee we may have to have a chat! However, sometimes you want a frothy coffee, just to be that little bit different. Now you can make your fancy coffees on the go!

Coffee maker, maker, frothy milk,

2.This overly big cup of coffee:

There’s always that one guy that loves coffee more than you, or seems to know more about coffee than anyone else. So sometimes you need to show them that you a really big cup of coffee, this cup holds 20 cups! Wow.

coffee mug, giant coffee mug, coffee mug, coffee meme

3.This Wine Infused Coffee:

Okay we love coffee, we start our day of with it, then if we have had a bit of a hard day we like to finish our day off with a glass of wine, who doesn’t! But what about both… together! That could be a really interesting day!

Coffee, wine, infused coffee, coffee granules, coffee online, buying coffee online

4.Sushi Making Kit:

I love sushi, but I’ve always had it where I’ve bought some and then the contents is minimal, so what about making your own, with this simple sushi making kit, a great food gift!

Sushi Kit, Sushi rolling, Sushi making, gift ideas, food gift ideas,

5. This Sriracha to-go bottle: 

Do you guys have that one friend who likes everything hot, whatever meal it is they like to spice it up even more! What about the This Sriracha to-go bottle?

hot sauce, sauce bottles, hot spice, spices

6. Indoor BBQ Grill: 

Everyone looks a good BBQ but the weather isn’t always great to be cooking food outside, so what about this Indoor BBQ Grill?

BBQ Grill, grill indoors, bbq indoor grill,

If you have any other great food gifts, tweet me @mrjamesvincent or check out my Instagram @james.vincent