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Right lets get down to it, below listed are the best foods for getting a six pack!

Red onion:

This little guy is a great source for anti-inflammatory quercetin, it naturally increases your stamina, keeping you going for longer!


Now some people don’t like eating them, because apparently they are fatty, only if you aren’t exercising at all.. This green fruit, is packed with vitamin B6, which reduces fatigue and helps your body turn carbs into energy.


Packed with energy, rocket is loaded with nitrate. Helping the flow of blood and oxygen around the body, making you work harder for longer at the gym. ( If you have a blender, rocket is great for veggie smoothies)


When you work out your abs, your muscles can become tight and saw. This can result in knots, or spasms. Best remedy for this is mint, relaxing the muscles.


I drink alot of lemon water, on its own or with green tea. Lemon is packed with Vitamin C, enhancing mineral absorption, cleaning your body. and all around great to add-on certain foods. ( Before you start your day, drink hot lemon water, great way to kickstart your day) A great food for building a six-pack


Now the last thing you want is to get to the gym, start working out only to realise you have a cold coming on… Then you are out of the gym for a week while you have the sniffles… Up your chilli dosage! Chilli helps keep the germs away! Making sure cold season doesn’t get you down.

Tuna steak:

Now this is my favourite. Tuna Steak, this meaty fish is loaded with so much good stuff, the ultimate muscle builder. I eat this all the time, to build a six-pack


So get yourself down to the local grocery store, pick up some new stuff and get down to the gym. NO EXCUSES. to not build a six-pack