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Check out these Best fruits for energy boosts!


Bananas are right up there with my favourite fruits, they instantly refresh you. Giving you this massive boost of energy, due to their high carbohydrate content. In addition to this energy loaded fruit, they are also jam packed with vitamins and minerals. But in importance, Vitamin B. Which are great for your body, and keep you going if you have had a long day at work.

2. Grapes:

Now I actually don’t eat that many grapes, I usually buy them, then forget about them… Then they go all soggy. Yeah not the best! But I do love them, they are absolutely loaded with glucose. Inside this little green fruit is a pocket of energy, just waiting to be released. In addition to this, grapes actually replenish hydration, so they are up there with the best fruits for energy.

3. Oranges:

Oranges are cheap to buy, and fantastic for adrenaline. Any type of orange will do. No  need to be picky, I paticulary eat them around winter time. Only because, when winter rolls round so does the high chances of becoming ill. So oranges are the best fruit, because they are loaded with Vitiman C. Keeping you on top form. Also I feel they are great for work, because they dont get bruised easily, you can throw it in your bag and forget about it until you really need it.

4. Apples:

You just can’t beat an apple, they are so cheap and great for energy. Some studies have shown that certain apples can get you going in the morning better than a cup of coffee ( Debatable, they haven’t tried my coffee) its best to eat apples raw. Do not blend or cook them, if you do you loose all the qualities of the apple, then its just wasted.

5. Dates: ( My favourite)

Dates are my absolute favourite fruit, I eat them all the time.. Dates are loaded with energy, they are such a good natural source of energy, they keep your immune system in top notch and keep you going for a lot longer. HOWEVER, dates do make you put on weight, eat them in moderation, also do not eat them too much.. As you will need to go to the toilet, if you catch my drift.