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Play Proof iPhone Case: Shock Spread technology, that will never let you down!

I got a new iPhone case sent to me from Evolutive Labs, now there are thousands of iPhone cases on the market. So why does this one make the cut, well let me tell you. This iPhone case can be dropped from 11.5 feet and it won’t break your phone… Oh yes! I’m not joking. Play Proof iPhone case offer shock spread technology, so when you drop your precious iPhone the shock is spread over the surface area, reducing the impact!

So this iPhone comes with a lot of benefits, but the big one is that is actually works. There I was going down the stairs ready to test my case, only for my phone to slip out my hand, 30 steps late my phone landed at the bottom. Worried that my phone was broken to pieces I quickly ran down the stairs praying that it wasn’t broken… To my luck it wasn’t! I would say it was Play proof that saved it, without it I think I would be getting a new phone…

So if you’re looking for a new iPhone case, something that is reasonably priced, looks stylish and protects your phone to the maximum ability then you need to head over to Play Proof, for one of their great shock impact cases. Come on what are you waiting for, why leave your phones safety to chance… Don’t be foolish, protect it today with Play proof.

If you have any other questions about their shock spread technology iPhone cases, you can drop me a message on twitter @mrjamesvincent or you can check out my latest Instagram photos @james.vincent 

I hope you have a great day and remember, we love our phones! So give them the protection they need, extend their life-cycle.


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( Remember this case is sold only at Evolutive Labs – You cant get it anywhere else, so go check out the official site)