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Best Leather Jackets You Need Right Now

Let’s talk about the leather jacket. A statement, an image. It’s been used throughout the eras as that bad boy image, Greece, top gun and all the rest have used the leather jacket to portray a person in a certain way. So let’s talk about why you need one at your disposal, but I suppose not just any knock off leather jacket but the best leather jackets on the market right now. 

mens leather jackets

I’ve picked out three leather jackets that will take your fancy; they range in price from incredibly expensive to reasonable prices. The one I’m wearing in the photos is from Amazon fashion lines; you can read the full collaboration post here.

I always advise anyone though, when you’re buying a leather jacket now your sizes correctly because they are designed differently to standard clothes, I always go for a smaller size as I feel in my opinion they look better in that slim fit look.

Leather Quilt Racer Jacket – BUY HERE.


Jack & Jones Leather Jacket Men Black BUY HERE.


BARACUTA G4 Oiled Leather Harrington – Faded Black BUY HERE.

best mens leather jackets

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