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Morning all, lets talk about workout foods

I didn’t get a chance to do a health post yesterday so I’m doing one this morning, when you are working out and going to the gym, nutrition is so important! Eating right makes such a difference and can produce results 10 times quicker, so here are the ‘best food post workout foods’ to keep you on track of your fitness goals!

So here are some of the best post workout foods you should be eating;

1. Eggs: When you are doing exercise, a healthy amount of protein intake to the body is a good way to build muscle and keep your muscles at a good level. Eggs provide a great amount of protein to the body, usually each egg packs around 6.4 grams of protein, which is great! As well there are no differences in eating them raw or cooked, so don’t worry you don’t need to go all Rocky Balboa on us! If you want to know other protein packed foods click here

2. Orange Juice: If you don’t like eating straight away after a workout, make sure you are at least drinking something! The best thing to be drinking is orange juice, packed with vitamin C its great to get your sugar levels back to normal. Make sure you are getting a good orange juice though, don’t just get the one packed with 50g of sugar and no health benefits…

3. Bananas: They are absolutely loaded with potassium, which help to restore damaged muscles and restore your body levels of glycogen! They are a fast acting carb they get your energy levels back to normal.

4. Salmon: Not only is this food packed with such a high amount of protein it is also loaded with omega 3 which helps muscle re growth.

5. Nuts: They are so good to have after a workout, you can keep a bag of them in your gym bag or in the car to munch on the way home, they are packed with so much energy and protein which are great for building muscle. If you want to know more health benefits of nuts check out this article here.

6. Blueberries: These little guys are packed with such a massive amount of antioxidants, giving your body a big boost! They aid the recovery of muscle growth after high intensity workouts, and they taste great! ( my favourite )

7. Sweet Potato: This is definitely one of my favourite carbs, a great substitute to normal potato, they provide a range of vitamins including C-D-B6 and magnesium, they are extremely filling and are great to add to any post workout meal.

8. Pineapple: This sweet yellow fruit contains something called bromelain, which is a natural anti inflammatory, which aids in the process of healing bruises, sprains, swelling! In addition, packed with vitamin C.

9. Most of all though… You must eat something! People think because they have just worked out, they shouldn’t be eating much! No you should definitely be eating something, to replenish your muscles!

You can also try protein smoothies to really kick start the protein intake check out some great recipes here

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