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Best Shaving Products That I’m Using Currently!

Good morning you lovely people, today I’m going to be doing a feature on the best shaving products that I’m using now. There are so many out there all that apparently give different effects, but after some sifting, I found some of the best ones that I want to share with you. 

Let’s chat about the best shaving products, are you ready?

Bolin Webb:

“In a world where the idea of shaving has become more of a chore, something that has to be done quick and cheap, Bolin Webb have come in and shown that shaving is an art, you’re meant to take time in it and have pride in the products you use.” – Read more

Bolin Webb shaving

Dorco Razor:

“For once, a razor that has left you looking sharp, there’s no funny business with these. We men regularly see adverts with the latest razor. With the latest attachment, they might as well start putting lasers and LED lights inside them. We just want a shaver that works. There’s no need for the extras; it’s not desired.” – Read more


“Let’s talk about the most important factors of this subscription, the razor and the effectiveness of the shave. The razor itself is solid aluminium. Engraved with your initials so it’s entirely personal to you! Streamlined and perfectly balanced, ready for the ultimate shave. The 6 blade end piece is smooth and sharp.” – Read more

Bolin Webb Review

Johnny’s Chop Shop – Sharp & Easy – Shave Foam

The biggest things for gents when shaving is making it clean, smooth and effortless. No man firstly has the time, secondly, has the patience for a shave that is more effort than cutting down a tree. For me especially, time is so valuable. So having a shaving cream that actually works makes such a difference. – Read more

The Art Of Shaving Correctly, Let Me Tell You!

What did you think of these shaving products? Are you interested in any of them or are you currently using some of them? Comment your thoughts and opinions below or you can reach out to me on social media where I will answer any unanswered questions for you.

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Have a great day!