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Best Summer Swim Shorts For Your Holiday | Time To Get Prepared & Look Great

It’s getting to that time of year where you’re pulling out your suitcase, packing your bags and getting ready for your holiday. You’re probably trying on those swim shorts you bought last year, and you’re thinking “These don’t look great, these look old” Well it’s time to refresh that summer clothing and get yourself a pair of swim shorts you’ll want to wear!

Summer Swim Shorts You Need!

What swim shorts are you getting next? Pick from one of the pairs of shorts below! There are so many great ones on the market at the moment, but these are my top picks.

H&M Swim Shorts  – Black/Watermelon

These are a great addition to the wardrobe; these trendy shorts will look great while you’re on holiday.

H&M Swim shorts, summer swim shorts

Pink Shorts – H&M Summer Line

A great addition to your summer line, a bolder design.
Pink swim shorts

Light Blue Swim Shorts – H&M 

A lighter material which will look great with a lot of summer outfits.

light blue shorts

Copacabana Sports swimming shorts

A top design for this summer trends, a great look that will make you look great and bold.


There are some great shorts that are being sold at the moment; I do prefer plain colours though. I believe these look better and match outfits better. These shorts are all similar prices, but it’s how they feel and fit which makes the difference. You don’t want extra tights shorts; you need some breathing space.

If you want to carry on the summer reading, have a look at the top summer shirts you can buy here! These will refresh your style and get you looking fresh for your holidays.