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Best Ways To Improve Self Confidence:


Yesterday evening I was tweeting away and a follower of mine was chatting to me about self confidence. Stating that sometimes its harder it looks to be confident. Now in my opinion, confidence is key in life. I have already spoken about why its so important to be confident which you can read here.

So today I’m going to do a post into some killer tips into boosting your self-confidence. here it goes;

Take control of your self-confidence:

Tell yourself, you’re going to be more confident’ Don’t let the little things build up and knock your self-confidence. Make sure you have control of your life, you have goals and dreams. This way you’re on the right path to more onwards and upwards.

Dress smart:

This is a small one that can have a huge impact, by dressing smart and bolder you seem naturally more confident, you stand out more and people have a sense of respect for you, without even realising it. Look at all the movies, when they want to make the women or man seem like the ‘cool person’ they were bold clothes, like the women in the red dress, or the man in the three-piece suit. These are all power clothes.

Thinking positive:

Now, sometimes this is harder than it looks. Thinking positive runs in parallel into confidence. But sometimes are thoughts can eat away at us, making it harder to move forward when our thoughts are holding us back. Read this article for 5 tips into positive thinking.

Kill negative thoughts:

Negative thoughts are such a killer, the minute they start creeping up on you they can start to fester. When you feel negative thoughts building inside you, take a second to yourself. Relax and clear your head!

Who cares:

At the end of the day, you have to think to yourself. Who cares! People judge others endlessly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a celebrity, the president or just a cashier. Everyone judges others, so you have to take a step back, look at yourself in the mirror and go ‘Who gives a fuck’

Speak slowly:

The quicker you talk the more you seem nervous, the more nervous you seem it will naturally make you produce mistakes. Speak slowly, get your words across, there’s no need to rush.

Stand tall:

People that slouch seems less confidence, so straighten that pack and push back your shoulders, be confident.

If you have any other tips for being confident or any tips for self confidence, then comment below or tweet me @mrjamesvincent,

Have a great morning,