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Blast Nutrition Collaboration! Pro 80 Formula!

Good evening everyone! I hope you have all had a fantastic weekend, but now Monday is right round the corner! When right round the corner I literally mean 2 hours… Anyway! Today I’m going to have a little discussion about a Protein Company I have teamed up with! The company… BLAST NUTRITION

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Now if you follow the blog closely you will know I have already featured this brand, not ONCE, but TWICE! So why am I back again? Well, they have a new product, a new formula, a new design and a brand spanking new website.

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It feels like a while since I like spoke about them, but it actually wasn’t that long ago since I was reviewing their Whey Protein! But even in such a short time they have grown so much! Scary how much can be achieved in a short time!

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I’m reviewing their PRO 80 today, a protein whey formula just waiting to amaze you and this is why; Firstly, we all like good protein at affordable prices. Unless you’re buying USN where money is no problem for you! But for most of us we want great tasting protein that doesn’t break the bank! Well, in comes Blast Nutrition, serving for serving you are getting better value, better taste and not spending as much as the leading alternative brands… So seriously what are you waiting for?

The protein have me a serious amount of energy in the gym, kept me going right to the bitter end… And more! What really gives a big tick in my book is the fact they are so clear about the contents! No messing around with this chemical and that, they tell you straight!


  • I had vanilla, not over powering! Tasted great and mixed like a proper smoothie!


  • Cheaper than leading brands, better taste and quality!


  • No lumps, no excess powder, mixed like a proper smoothie with water and milk!

Its time to step up your nutrition, with BLAST NUTRITION! Check out their website, for their full range of products! You won’t be disappointed! Oh and I thought I would be extra nice and thrown in my personal discount code! Use JAMES10 for 10% off your products!

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Have a great day, stay active! If you have any other questions comment or reach out to me on email. Or share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter, or just comment below!