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The Importance Of A Blog Calender. Why You Should Plan Your Blog Posts…

Good evening you lovely people, with all the requests of doing blogger tips I’m carrying it on with the blog calender. So what is a blogger calender?

This is definitely a tip I wish I knew at the start of launching a blog. The thing with launching a blog and writing posts is that one the cogs have started turning its so hard to stop… Everyone wants to see new content, all the time, which is good! But with new content means you are spending time to post it.

So a blogging calender allows you to know what your next post is going to be before you get writers block. For those who don’t believe they will get writers block you are wrong, it can happen at any point. You may just be over tired and your brain decides not to turn on… It happens.

Having a plan of what you are going to post next, with ideas of next posts keeps your blog active and you on your toes for keeping the content on your site fresh and your readers interested. The thing I do is keep a note of my phone “Blogging Ideas/Calender” This keeps you on track and one step ahead.

When you feel like you are running out of ideas… Head over to that life saving calender of yours! It will keep your content rolling and your readers happy!

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