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Blogger Guidance | Make Friends Not Enemies, It Will Bite You Later.

Good day you lovely people! Today I wanted to have a little discussion, a chat.. some good old James Vincent blogger guidance with you, fellow bloggers. Here’s something they don’t tell you when you start blogging, how important it is to actually make friends and connections. Well, let me explain why, this is very important for new, old and bloggers to be, lets begin; 

When you are a blogger, making friends and building your community with people is a lot better than trying to do it on your own. You see some bloggers, very um… Particular on making friends. Now of course you don’t connect and collaborate with everyone, they may not match with what you’re writing about.

The thing is, working together on what works in the blogging world, what doesn’t and helping each other out to create amazing results will help you in the long run. You see some bloggers not wanting to connect or chat with other fellow bloggers because they believe they are better… Just remember, we all started somewhere and sometimes other bloggers need your guidance.

Just remember, helping other bloggers out, no matter what level they are or what point you are in your blogging career shouldn’t stop you helping others out, make friends and connect and learn from each other, this way you will create fantastic bloggers with loyal readers.

I hope you enjoyed my post on blogger guidance, If you have any more questions, comment below, or you can alternatively reach out to me on social media, any channel of your choice, I’m on all of them ahah! Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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