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The September Blogger Photogtaphy Tip: Golden Hour Photos,

Evening everyone, I thought I would do a short post on a new blogger photography tip.  When I was starting out I do wish someone had shared blogger tips with me, but that’s what I’m here for! When taking photography for your blog, take it in golden hour (Taking photos at sun set, so get that golden sunshine) I always feel they really do create these fantastic photos. 

Blogger Photography Tip: For the best complexion of for photos… Golden hour is your best bet.

The photo I used in this post is from my up and coming gallery with Laura Jayne Richards, she’s the photographer I’m working with at the moment… Isn’t she amazing? There will be loads from this gallery! But for one you get one… To give you a sneak preview.

If you have any other questions about golden hour or want to know more blogger tips, have a read of the posts below or you can reach out to me on your desired social media channel. Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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