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Blogger Tips: Don’t Do This When Your Site Plays Up. What You Should Do Instead!

Good morning you beautiful bloggers, well if you’re reading this you probably already have a blog or you’re about to start one and you need a push in the right direction. Now i’ve been blogging for over a year… Well actually its coming up closer to two. In that time i’ve naturally had a fair few problems… That is inevitable. But, I’m here today to shed some light and show you some blogger tips for when your website starts playing up.

So there I was, around 4oclock on a Thursday afternoon, I’m about to share one of older posts on social media. Scroll through the blog, then I see there is no thumbnail picture… Its blank. There’s no thumbnail, well shit… That’s not good! Here’s the first thing I do, which is the wrong thing to do… FREAK OUT. Oh yes… I freaked out… Why isn’t it there! What’s happening? AHHHHH. So I get on the phone to my design team, who are so fucking chilled it worries me. “James man… Don’t worry, it will all work out… It will be fixed in like five minutes”…(phone goes dead).

freak out, blogger tips

Well shit! This isn’t good! So what do I do? I try and fix it… Not the best idea as I have people to do it for me… But there’s me fiddling around the back end of the site… COME ON JAMES WE CAN DO THIS! Then as I fix one thing…. Another thing falls… So I get back onto the design team “FIX IT!!! I’M FREAKING OUT” which they replied… “James man, don’t worry, we are on it… All shall be fixed in good time” What is that supposed to mean? GOOD TIME? I don’t have good time!

So after everything went sideways and imploded on itself.. I’m there looking at a blank website… With thoughts running through my head like “All that hard word… All that time, this is the end people…” Rocking back and forth on my chair, like a mad man… Only to get a call from my designer “Hey bro, all good.. All fixed.. like a 5 minute job, talk to you later” … WHAT? Hello, how did you fix it? .. “It was a little back end job James, you must of turned off a few things, all good, problem averted.”

blogger tips, blog tips

So after what felt like a million years everything was sorted and back on track… But it shows you the best thing to do is stay calm, grab a cup of coffee and thing about the situation carefully and sensibly before shooting your computer and setting it on fire…

What problem have you had with your blog? If you have any more questions, comment below or reach out to me on your desired social media channel

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