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The Rise Of Bloggers:

Now this is just a short article, I wanted to talk about what I call the rise of Bloggers. Five years ago blogging was around, we saw it as a speciality. It was even around before that, but it was deemed as a “Weird” thing to do. We have seen bloggers from all over the world grow, become recognised and enjoy what they are doing!

What’s even better is we have seen a diversity, more male bloggers have taken this on and thought “You know what, this sounds like fun” I started this blog a year ago, that’s it. One year ago I thought, you know what this is a good idea, I want to work on this” And that’s exactly what I did.

Throughout the last few years though, we have seen more people take a crack as it. In addition, there aren’t any barriers, there aren’t any holes you have to jump over to get there. You don’t need a qualification, you don’t need certificates, you just crack on and do it.

So I say to anyone that is thinking about blogging, don’t think anymore. Just do it. Have a go and become the ones of the leading bloggers, become the best blogger you can be.

Just have a go, you never know, you might just love it! If you have any other questions, tweet me @mrjamesvincent