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Blogging Barriers | Think About Why You Started

Greetings fellow readers, I sit here in shorts and a vest as its way to hot to wear anything else on a Wednesday morning, my fingers ready to type but my brain has stopped. Ah yes, writer’s block, but this isn’t even writer’s block this is bloggers block. You see, I have hit what’s called the ‘blogging barriers’. You’re probably wondering what that is? Well, to put it bluntly, I don’t know what to write about? 

You’re probably thinking, but James there is so much to write about, from what food you’re eating, you’re the latest collaboration, where you have been and what you’ve been up to.

That’s the problem though, what to write about? You see I start writing and then stop, why because I feel like it isn’t good enough like I am repeating myself. I start writing similar posts with similar structures, to similar outcomes to similar results…

As a result, you stop. You look at the screen, this blank page and think ‘What do I write about?’ I haven’t written a blog post in 5 days. Now for a lot of you that might not seem like a lot, but I usually turn out two blogs a day. So not blogging or writing for five days and turned my brain upside down.

I’m not a quitter though, like a therapist I wanted to get to the heart of why I had stopped writing and couldn’t go further. To do this, you have to go back, back to the beginning of why it all began.


By going back, you have a sense of memory, why I put countless hours, effort and sweat into building it in the first place. You then realise why you began. Why you started and why you wanted to do it.

If you ever feel like you have run out of things to write about, vlog about or talk about. You’re wrong; there are so many things to express, you just sometimes have to take that step back to realise why you wanted to do it and before you know it the ideas start to flow again.

If you suffer from writer’s block, comment below how you got over it and what your tips are for always creating great content.

Have a great day.