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Blogging for over two years, what I’ve learnt.

Blogging, its an amazing thing. You can sit there from the comfort of your own home, the cafe of London to the beaches of Marbella and write. You can write about anything you like, this isn’t homework, this is a passion and I will tell you something its bloody addictive. When I was at school, my teachers restricted what you wrote about, you were told to write what they wanted, in a certain way in a certain style. But not what’s brilliant about blogging is you can write about what you like, what interests you or entices you.

I have been blogging for over two years, in that time I have to say I have learnt a lot and still learning. But there are some things that I have learnt that I want to pass on. Now I’m not sharing a sense of wisdom like I have been doing since the dawn of time and no I’m not saying that my advice is better that anyone else, its just what I have learnt that I think will help new and existing bloggers.

go wild

(Picture from ‘Why its good to go wild’)

An important philosophy in blogging and life. Being yourself, being you. Its easy to start a blog get going and look at the ones that have been doing it for years, look at how they are doing it and just try and replicate them. Yeah, okay… That worked, but you’re just a copy. To really stand out from everyone else you need to make sure you are being you. Everyone is different, holds different quirks so make sure people know that.

Which leads me onto my next point, be unique. You only really stand out in this game by being unique, being one of a kind that people haven’t seen before. By doing that you go against the current you show people what you are doing requires creativity and can’t be replicated or copied.

debenhams racing green

(Picture from Debenhams Racing Green)

In addition to always trying to be unique you need to persist, the problem with a lot of bloggers is there is this natural timeline, a lifecycle where bloggers start, they work hard, they try and break the barrier but then you don’t see the growth straight away, you don’t get those collaborations you want and before you know it the effort has stopped and you quit… You must be able to keep pushing no matter what the weather.

This definitely supports my final point, learn but don’t copy. We do like to look at ‘the pros’ and take ideas, inspiration and so forth. But don’t copy them and make them your own ideas. You need to find originality to do this, you need to think what makes you different, you must go against the current and find out what works for you like your own catch phrase or your intro that defines who you are.

What advice can you give to new bloggers, comment your thoughts below or you can alternatively reach out to me on social media. Have a great day and keep blogging! Have a great day everyone and if you wan’t to carry on the fun reading, have a look at this post below, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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