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Bolin Webb Review | Shaving With A Twist

Good morning you lovely people, I’m here today to talk to you about Bolin Webb a shaving company that are offering bespoke, unique men’s shaving products that will keep you looking fresh, clean and always good. Let’s begin this Bolin Webb review and show the latest grooming products you need at your disposal. 

Bolin Webb review men’s grooming products:

In a world where the idea of shaving has become more of a chore, something that has to be done quick and cheap, Bolin Webb have come in and shown that shaving is an art, you’re meant to take time in it and have pride in the products you use.


Bolin Webb shaving

Bolin Webb shares a vision to bring properly conceived and aspirational grooming products to men. They think carefully about what we do, and are proud of the result. Bolin Webb aspires to leave a modest but distinctive legacy in the important world of how men look after themselves in the modern age. They are producing the best shaving products on the market, not only to keep you clean shaven but look damn cool when you do it.

Bolin Webb Review

R1 Jack Razor: 

Let’s talk R1 razor; this razor is like no other I’ve ever seen, simply British. The printed Union Jack design just looks so damn good. Streamlined, light and ready to use in addition to being presented in a beautiful sleek gloss box. Now, of course, you want to know how it shaves? Well, its shaves so well, but here’s the even better thing… This razor is compatible with all leaders razor packs on the market, could this get any better?

bolin webb shaving

Face Balm:

After you manually shave, it’s so easy just to leave and carry on your day. But this is where your face is at its most vulnerable; it needs to be protected, that’s where the slightly scented and refreshing face balm comes in. Organic cactus extracts and anti-oxidant-rich hops help to calm, restore and protect the skin, while essential oils and shea butter smooth and moisturise. Apply a small amount on dry hands, spread evenly over your face and look great.

bolin webb face balm, bolin webb

R1 Stone stand: 

This Bolin Webb razor stand provides a stunning and practical setting for the R1 razor, what’s great about the gravity stand is that it keeps your razor safe, clean and on show. It can be so easy to shave and just leave it on the side, this way it doesn’t get wet. The balance between our innovative stand and razor is a signal to Bolin Webb’s design focus and performance-led ethos.

bolin Webb razor, bolin webb

“There is more to come. Enjoy the shave.”


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